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Tidal Wave® Silver Spreading Petunia - Ball Seed.

Incredibly vigorous, award-winning Petunia 'Tidal Wave Silver' is a mounding or spreading annual or perennial plant boasting masses of silvery-white flowers, 2 in. across 5 cm, adorned with dark purple hearts from late spring to the first frosts. Thanks to its spreading habit, this fast grower can wind around a fence to create an attractive. Shop. Digital Catalog; Vegetable Seeds; Flower Seeds; Perennials; Bulbs, Sets & Potatoes; Fruit Plants; Shrubs and Trees; Garden Accessories; Home Accessories; Pest. The biggest petunia series in the Ride The Wave family, Tidal Wave grows and grows and grows into an awesome, flower-filled hedge! These award-winning plants serve as excellent “screens” for unsightly air conditioners or to adorn wooden fences. They also work well in large planters. Tidal Wave Silver Petunia Petunia x hybrida F-1 hybrid. Despite its name, more a very pale purple than silver, with darker purple veining. 2002 AAS. Annual. ~10,000 seeds/g. ⑤ 5328 Tidal Wave Silver. Tidal Wave Silver Petunia. $ 2.95. Qty. Add to Cart. The silvery white blooms with dark purple centers are truly distinctive, highlighted by deep purple veins. This variety has a particularly nice aroma in the evening. An All America Selection for 2002.

I have planted the regular Wave petunias in the past, so I was looking forward to the new Tidal Wave. I found they were a little slower to get started after I transplanted them. Of course, I didn't fuss or encourage them at all, so with a little more attention, they might have started spreading sooner. I think they just like the hot weather more. тайфун сильвер, семена петунии тайфун, семена тидал вэйв, тайдал сильвер, tidal wave silver, Petunia Tidal Wave Red Velour, tidal red, petunia tidal red, петуния тидал ред, петуния tidal. Ce Petunia Tidal Wave F1 Silver est une variété impressionnante, qui déroule de longues tiges souples entièrement garnies de fleurs simples, dont la nuance lavande à l'épanouissement vire au blanc-argenté au fil des heures, créant un très beau contraste avec leur gorge presque noire.

Petunia Tidal Wave Silver. Отличная серия для больших контейнеров и вазонов Высокорослая, сильнорастущая петуния для ландшафтного использования. Le Petunia retombant F1 Tidal Wave Silver & Cherry Red, appartenant au groupe des pétunias retombants, est une plante annuelle herbacée au port très retombant. Une seule plante produit des centaines de fleurs, en cascades. And "any setting" is just where you can grow them -- from containers to bedding to trellises to edging, Tidal Wave Silver fits them all! Amazingly versatile, it is called a "hedgiflora" -- but we just call it "wonderful"!The blooms range from 2 to 4 inches across, and some are deeply blushed with purple while others are nearly pure white. Tallest and most vigorous of the Wave petunia family, Tidal Wave plants super-size colour into big spaces. Excellent landscape performer with terrific recovery from rain. The plants resist lodging, so they won’t fall open and expose a bare centre like other petunias can. Recommended in Wave branded packaging: 8-in./20-cm pots, hanging baskets. тайфун сильвер, семена петунии тайфун, семена тидал вэйв, тайдал сильвер, tidal wave silver, Petunia Tidal Wave Red Velour, tidal red, petunia tidal red, петуния тидал ред, петуния tidal red, петуния тайфун Интернет-магазин.

01/08/2017 · Hanging from front porches or highlighting main street downtown, Wave Petunias are everywhere! Large and lush, they stand out with their easy spreading color. Petunia. Terrific flower power with oceans of vibrant 2" blooms covering shrub-like plants. Spaced at a minimum of 12" apart in the garden, 'Tidal Waves' form a dense mounded 16-22" hedge that does not fall open in the middle. Spaced at 24" apart in the g. Petunia Tidal Wave Silver. Petunia Tidal Wave Hybride. Tout comme la série Easy Wave, Wave et la série Tidal, Wave est spectaculaire ! Dans les trois cas, arrosez et fertilisez abondamment, taillez à l'occasion et vous profiterez de la beauté exceptionnelle de ces plantes de façon ininterrompue du début de l'été à la fin de l'automne. 06/09/2010 · I grew tidal wave petunias and Zinnias from seed. They turned out really well.

Tidal Wave ®Silver petunias are excellent for landscape use and large containers, where the masses of 2" blooms cover the vigorous growing plants. When spaced 12" apart, plants make a dense mounded hedge. When spaced 24" or more apart, plants spread like a. Tidal Wave can grow in a cascading vine to some 24 to 36 inches. Some Wave series flowers climb up trellises or cascade down like vines when grown in restricted space. Tidal Wave can grow in a cascading vine to some 24 to 36 inches. Wave Petunias - Creeping Petunia 7 All Double Glorious Mixed Petunia Seeds 5930 $ 3.69. Select options. Blue Grandiflora Petunia Seeds Super Cascade Series 5895 $ 2.99. Select options. Blue Wave Petunia Seeds Ground Cover Type 5970 $ 5.49. Select options. Petunia Wave Silver is 1 of the strongest growing petunias around! These provide a flood of bright silver flowers all season long. These vigorous plants can be started indoors 8 weeks before last frost. Mar 8, 2016 - Our Tidal Wave petunia is the perfect fit for big gardens and containers. This flower-filled hedge produces mountains of color and spices up a gardener's landscape with its monumental size and many blooms. See more ideas about Big garden, Petunias and Bloom.

It was representative of a new class of petunias referred to as the trailing petunia. After several years of testing, two more trailing petunias are being brought into the Texas Superstar® fold. The new designees are ‘Tidal Wave™ Silver’ and ‘Tidal Wave™ Cherry’, both introduced by PanAmerican Seed™. Tidal Wave lives up to its name with masses and masses of blooms from late spring through summer and, in many climates, right into fall. Give it sunshine, water, and regular feedings for best flowering, and it will self-clean, looking as good in September as it did in June! Ride the Wave.. Petunia Tidal Wave. 15/11/2012 · Tidal Wave Silver petunia was a 2002 AAS and Fleuroselect Quality Mark winner. Very easy to grow from seed, and it wintersows well. It is a huge spreading plant and vigorous bloomer. If it becomes leggy it can be trimmed by by up to half and it grows back and blooms better than before.

Petunia. Tidal Wave Silver. White flowers with a purple throat and veining. These spreading varieties are great in baskets and containers. They can also be trained to a trellis or obelisk. Photo from Green Earth Growers. Category: Annuals. Ways to Use "Wave Series" Petunias by Cynthia W. Mueller, Galveston County Master Gardener. Wave® petunias, favorites of gardeners everywhere, are still making a splash in the garden - with even more varieties now available at local nurseries to choose from.

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